Math Applications of a Digital Camera 

Digital Camera 

Applications to Mathematics

Digital cameras are excellent tools for moving away from isolated problems in a drill-and-practice format to one more rooted in authentic experiences and problem solving. 

Teaching with Digital Cameras

Digital Cameras have huge potential for motivating students

1001 Uses for a Digital Camera Ideas for the classroom
Going Digital creative educational applications for digital camera

Digital Camera Lesson Plans (NJ Math Standards)

4.1.  Number and Numerical Operations


Student estimate how many objects are in a picture then use estimates to determine mean, median & mode

Find the Fraction

Students will be able to change form of rational number between fractions, decimals, and percentages. 

How Many? 

Students determine how many combinations are possible.

Fun with Fractions

Students will learn about fractions by manipulating images 

Living Fractions 

Students will create a clay animation 

4.2.  Geometry and Measurement 

Searching for Angles and Lines

Students will identify a right, acute, straight, and obtuse angles, identify sets of parallel and perpendicular lines.


The students will be able to identify symmetry and geometric shapes in pictures. 

Geometry Walk

Students find real examples of  geometric terms with the camera.

How Do You Measure Up?

Students experience nontraditional measurement systems, measurement, data collection, data analysis, ratio and proportion, surface area and volume.

Geometry Scavenger Hunt

Students use digital camera to find geometric shapes in the real world

Geometry Everywhere

Students make their own scrap book of Geometric photos

4.3.  Patterns and Algebra

Lining up the Cars

Students will understand the difference between combinations and permutations

4.4.  Data Analysis, Probability, and Discrete Mathematics

Measuring Growth Throughout the Year

Collecting data, analyzing and graphing data, autobiographic writing



4.5.  Mathematical Processes

What is the Value of the Car?

Students determine the least expensive and most expensive cars.

Math Trail

Real world math problems for and by students


Students create math games with digital pictures